• 285-3450 BURST AUTO Pressure Sensors

  • $12.00


This is a replacement pressure sensor for the LiteHawk BURST AUTO

  This is a small Board, sandwiched between two pieces of protective foam, wired to the ESC, to sense when it has landed and turn off the motors. It will also sense a crash and turn off the rotors, and this will protect them.

 Accessing the Pressure Sensor 

  •   Start with taking the piece of tape off of the Pressure Sensors Box


  • Now remove the Pressure Sensor Wiring Harness from the ESC. Use a small flat screw driver to loosen it up on all sides so that you don't have to pull on the wires.


  • Now remove the 2 screws from the Boxs Cap.


  • Now remove the 4 screws holding the box in place, and lift it out.


  • Now use a small flat screw driver under the catch that holds the Pressure sensor box together. You will notice that the Sensor board is sandwiched between small pieces of foam.