• 285-3432 LENS - Replacement Controller

  • $45.00


This is a complete replacement controller for your LiteHawk LENS

How To Sync 

  •  Locate a flat level surface. Make sure LENS is facing away from you - you must be standing at the BACK of the quad.
  •  Plug the battery into the quad and place the quad on a flat surface, you must do this within 5 seconds.  You can close the battery hatch while it is sitting. Try not to move the Drone from level or the forward direction you have it sitting in.
  •  Give the connection and wires a half twist.. this will pull the wires in, that are near the sides of the Hatch.


  •  Tuck the wire and connection into the space in the Door/Hatch.


  •   It will still be a snug fit, but the Hatch will close now. 


  • You will see flashing lights on the LENS start to blink.This allows the digital Gyro, and GPS to set up properly, or it will not Synchronize.

    Turn on the power for the controller. You will see a flashing LED light and audible beep indicating the power is on. 


    •  Move the left control stick (this is also the throttle stick) all the way up, then all the way down. In a few seconds the blinking LED on the LENS and the blinking LED on the controller will both be solid. The model is now bound.

    Note: If the LED on the quad continues to blink, make sure the Micro SD card is installed.

    The LENS MUST be on a flat surface in order to digitally self level itself, otherwise the model will not sync to the controller.

    TIP: It is too this spot, where you have synchronized the Drone, that your LENS will return. If you push the Return Button on the Radio, make sure that there are no obstacles between this spot and your Drone when you push this Button.