• 285-343 XL AUTO Collector's Edition - Nose Cone/Canopy

  • $6.00


XL AUTO Collector's Edition - Nose Cone/Canopy: Is a one piece, tough, polycarbonite plastic that protects the electronics gives good air flow, around and through the Canopy. Also has that prevalent Hawks nose profile, and looks great. It is held on to the chassis at four solid points of attachment with four stainless steel screws. Two on each side.  Tip: Don't screw the little screws down too tight.. just snug is great. If you over do it, the mounting post spot will strip. It can be repaired with a bit of Epoxy. Just fill the hole, let if fully dry, then drill it out very carefully. You may be able to just use the screw to make the hole, but be careful.