• 285-338 XL AUTO Collector's Edition - Controller

  • $15.00


The XL AUTO Collector's Edition controller is a 2.4 gHz frequency hopping system, that will ensure complete control of your heli', and allow you to play with as many R/C friends as you like, without worry of interference. It is powered by 4 "AAA" batteries. Please familiarize your self with the controls before flying. Make sure that all trims are centered before first flight. ( there are 60 beeps from one side to the other on the trims. There is one long beep in the middle, that is center of the trim tab.)


Synchronize the Controller with the Heli': 

 With the battery plugged into the Heli', and the Heli's start switch turned on, quickly set the Heli' down on a level surface. The Heli's light should be blinking.


Now turn on the Controller, and its power light should be blinking with the Heli'.


Now move the Left control stick all the way to the top, then move it down to the bottom, and you will hear a beep. The lights on the controller and the heli' will now be solid, and should be bound, and ready to press the Auto take off button, for the rotors to spin.


 Tip: You should have about a 100 ft. range with fresh batteries in the controller. As the controllers batteries get weak, the range will become less.