• 285-3359 SNAP AUTO ESC

  • $15.00


Electronic Speed Control for LiteHawk SNAP. 2.4Ghz.

The ESC for the Snap is located in the lower body shell, on top of the battery case. It locates to two pins on the battery case, and is secured in place with two screws. The camera is plugged into a receptacle ( There is only one ) located on the bottom of the ESC, before you screw the ESC down. The ESC is located in the lower shell with the red LED's towards the back and the white LED's towards the front.


The ESC has ten points that need to be soldered in. Two each for the four motors, and two for the drones on/off switch. There are four points at the rear of the ESC and four points in the front for the motors, and there are two on the left near the main power wires. The red and blue wires to the " A" motors and the black and white wires to the " B " motors. The start switch has a red and a white wire.