• 285-3444 BURST AUTO Blades (2 white, 2 red)

  • $3.00


This is a full replacement set of blades for the LiteHawk BURST AUTO.

 A full replacement set..White A Blade, White B Blade.  Red A Blade, Red B Blade.

 Rotor Blade Care

   Your BURST AUTO rotor blades come really well protected, by the sturdy  guards that completely enclose the blades. Completely protected from bumps into any flat surface. There are things that can defeat this level of protection, branches and sticks, things that are pokey. Crashing into a bush may still break a blade. 

  To remove and replace one isn't too hard. 

  •  There are 6 tabs on the Rotor Blade Guard,  that fit through 6 matching Alignment holes on the Motor Guard Chassis. 


    • Grasp the Rotor Blade guard firmly at many points along the top, and give it a twist, counterclockwise, then lift out and set aside. 


    • Now you can pinch the Rotor Blade at the Hub firmly and pull the Blade off. Take note of the Letter stamped on the Blade and make sure that an identical one is replaced on that motor.


    • With the Blade Guard off, you can see how the Blade Guard Tabs will align with the Motor Guards holes. A short Twist Clockwise will lock it back in place.



    • Firmly replace the blade on the correct motor, and reattach the Blade Guards to the Main Chassis Motor Guard.

      If you are replacing the rotor blades with new ones. Make sure that you are putting the correct blade back on. They are marked with an A or B and that is what must be placed back on the correct motor.