• 285-3332 QUATTRO NEON 2.4 GHz Controller

  • $15.00


Replacement 2.4Ghz controller for LiteHawk QUATTRO NEON. Requires 4 "AAA" batteries.

How To Sync
1/ Make sure the model is turned Off and locate a flat level surface.
2/ Plug the battery into the NEON and turn it on. Place the NEON on the flat surface, you must do this within 5 seconds of turning the power switch ON. You will see flashing lights on the NEON start to blink.
3/ Turn on the power for the controller. You will see a flashing red LED light and audible beep indicating the power is on.
4/ Move the left control stick (this is also the throttle stick) all the way up, then all the way down. In a few seconds the blinking LED on the NEON and the blinking LED on the controller will both be solid. The model is now bound.

The NEON MUST be on a flat surface in order to digitally self level itself, otherwise the model will not sync to the controller.