• 285-2428 Emergency Rescue Boats - Battery

  • $15.00


 The Emergency Rescue Boats Battery is a 7.2V 1000 mAh NIMH rechargeable battery pack. You should reasonably expect about a 15-minute run time. Please fully charge this battery before you run it. When the USB Charger is plugged into a power source, the charging light will remain off. When the depleted battery is then attached to the USB Charger the Chargers Red LED light will come on solid. The Red charging light will turn off when fully charged.  This 7.2 V Battery will charge up to about 8.4V when fully charged. After a run, your battery will be quite hot, let it cool off for about 10 minutes before recharging or damage may result. When the boat begins to slow down, it is time to bring it in to recharge the battery. Many folks keep an extra battery or two for extended play.  If storing for more than 24 hrs. it is recommended to fully charge the battery before storage. If storing for months at a time, you should do a maintenance charge every other month or so. 

  When attaching or removing the battery from the USB charger or from the boat, please don't pull on the wires, they can easily break. Please use the connectors themselves. If you should find the boat is taking on water, get it out of the water immediately, and get the battery disconnected and out. Drain the boat thoroughly and leave the battery cover off and drain plug out until completely dry. Blow the water from the water cannon and pump by blowing it out from the hole in the bottom of the boat. Once totally dry you can cover it up for storage.