• 285-2427 Emergency Rescue Boats - ESC/Receiver

  • $7.50


   The Emergency Rescue Boats ESC/Receiver, (Electronic Speed Control/Receiver) Is the brains of the boat. It processes the signals that you send with the Controller/Transmitter and sends the correct info to the motors, lights, and water cannon. 

  The ESC/Receiver is located under a cover box in the highest part of the upper deck, as far from any possible moisture as it can get. 

 To remove the ESC/Receiver board, you must remove the two screws holding the ESC cover box from the upper deck. You will also have to carefully remove the Silicone Caulking/Glue from the hole in the ESC cover box and from the wires passing through that hole. Carefully scrape and pull the caulking away, until you can move the cover box out of the way. Take special note of what is plugged into where on the board, and then you can unplug everything from the ESC/Receiver board. Take the single screw from the board and lift it out. 

  The ESC/Receiver Board is secured in place on locating posts with a single screw to hold it in place. It is oriented with the eligible letters correctly aligned to you looking from the back of the boat with the boat pointing forward from you. 

 All Electronics are plug-in, no soldering required. There are Ten connections on the board.

 There are 4 connections at the top of the board, two on the left side and two on the right side with a silver part in between. 

  First on the Left is the right side Light Bar

  Second, on the Left is the left side Light Bar

  First on the Right side is the Spot Light

  Second, on the Right is the Emergency Light 

  The next row of connections is near the bottom of the board, Four in a Row on the Left side and two a little lower on the Right side, below three black items.

  First on the Left is the Right Boats Motor Pod 

  Second, on the left is the Left Boats Motor Pod

   Third on the Left is the Water Cannon Steering Motor

   Fourth on the Left is the Water Cannon Pump Motor   

   First on the Right is the Battery connection from the Battery Box   

   Second on the Right is the Hull Connectors Auto Start/Switch  (Connection is made when in water)   

   When a new ESC/Receiver is installed, don't forget to caulk the hole in the cover box with a silicone caulking to seal it up.