• 285-2214 RANGER 2.4 GHz Controller

  • $15.00


RANGER'S  unique 2.4 GHz controller can expand to hold your smartphone - now you have a Captains Chair View with RANGERS built in camera! Yes, first person view is live streamed to your phone or tablet so you can go on the same adventure that RANGER is on!

 FPV Installation:

 You do not need to install the FPV app. to use the LiteHawk RANGER, it is optional. To experience the thrill of FPV ( First Person View ) and get a view from the inside of the Cockpit/Cabin of your LiteHawk RANGER. The live stream connection is through your devices WIFI and does not use cellular data. The range or distance of the live stream view will vary, but expect a maximum of 75ft. You will still have control over the toy, just the video stream connection may be broken up.  

-Android users download the App. through

( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zs.dv_yalian_02_litehawk )

-Apple or Itunes users download the App. through 

( https://itunes.ap-ple.com/cn/ap-p/lit-hawk-v0-1h/id1253904862?mt=8 )

Turn on the Hovercraft 

Connect WIFI SSID: FPV_WIFI_xxxxxx. ( No password required )

Click the LiteHawk to enter the APP.

 The Controller will accordion open to accommodate your Device.