• 285-2213 RANGER Main Lift Motor (Turbo Fan Motor)

  • $7.00


 This Main Lift Motor, is soldered directly to the ESC/Receiver board.  The Turbo Fan is secured directly onto the Motors shaft with a single screw.

To Remove the Turbine Lift Fan,  first remove the three screws that secure the ESC/Receiver Housing to the RANGERS Deck. Lift out and turn over.


  Now you can remove the the single screw from the turbines motor shaft, then place a small flat screw driver between the motor housing and the bottom of the Turbine, and carefully lever upward a little bit until it comes free. Then pull off the rest of the way.


  To gain access to the ESC/Receiver, you must now remove the three screws that secures the two halves of the ESC/Receiver Housing together, then carefully lift off.


  If you are removing the ESC/Receiver, then you must remove the four screws that secure it to the housing half.


You will have to carefully remove all of the glue that seals and secures the wires as they come through the passages in the housing.  Take note that the Motor is Soldered to the ESC board, and you will have to carefully remove all of the sealant around the motor and housing to be able to lift it off of the housing. Also take note of how the manual start switch is set to activate the start switch on the ESC board.  With the screws removed, you can turn over and desolder the Battery power wires and both Rear Fan motor's Wire sets from the ESC board. Unplug the video camera, and you can lift out the old ESC.  Take notes or pictures before you desolder, so that you know exactly where which wire belongs on the New ESC board that you are installing.

  Carefully reverse the procedure to reinstall. Make sure that you reseal all of the passages that the wires and motor come through with a silicone sealant or glue.