• 285-2212 RANGER Rear Propeller Motors

  • $10.00


 These Rear Propeller Motors are contained within the Fan Blade Housing that is mounted on Motor Sponsons.  When the motors are soldered in correctly, looking at the RANGER from the rear, the Right Motor will spin Counter Clockwise, and the Left Motor will spin Clockwise. You must first remove the Fan Blade and the Blade housing, before you remove the Motor Housing from the Motor Sponson.

 Rear Fan Blade Replacement:

 You need a small flat screw driver to remove the rear of the shroud cover, to get to the Fan Blade.  The Rear Shroud Cover is held in four places to the Main Shroud.


Fit the edge of the screw driver in the space provided on the edge of the Shroud, and give it an careful outward twist. That will get the two catches past where they hold on at the back edge of the Main Shroud, and it will pop forward.


  Now place the screw drivers edge in the crack between the Main Shroud and the Rear Cover at the top securing pin, and give it a twist outward, so the pin pops out of its securing hole.


  Now you can grasp the loosened Rear Shroud Cover and lift the bottom pin out as well, and the whole cover will be free. 


  Now you can remove the one screw holding the Fan Blade to the motor. Take note.. that the blade is marked with a letter and an arrow for direction of movement. You must replace it with the exact same Blade as the one coming off. The other blade has the exact opposite pitch on it, so the the RANGER is stable and not just spinning in a circle.  Looking at the RANGER from the rear,  Blade "A" is on the Right, and Blade "B" is on the Left.


  If you wish to replace the Main Shroud, you can now do so by removing the two screws holding it in place, Then lifting the Shroud away from the motor shaft. 


     Carefully reverse this procedure to reinstall.

 If you remove this piece of foam carefully, you will be able to get to the Rear Fan Motor Sponson. If you are removing the Sponson to get to the Motor, you will have to carefully remove the glue, that seals the wires, that pass through the hull deck, to protect them from moisture. When reinstalling don't forget to reseal them in, with a nice silicone sealant, or glue.