• 285-2211 RANGER USB Charger

  • $5.00


 NimH Battery and Charger Instructions:  Your LiteHawk RANGER comes with a NimH Battery and a USB Charger.

 Battery: The rechargable 9.6V NimH battery provides the power to propel your model. You should expect 7-10 Min. run time. Extra batteries are available at www.litehawk.ca.

-The Hovercraft is suspended by a cushion of air, because of this, if the battery is run down too low, it will stop creating lift. To warn you, there is an audible low battery warning. If you hear an alarm notification, drive your RANGER over to a safe place . Walk over, turn it off, and unplug the battery from the Hovercraft. Let the battery cool down 10 minutes before recharging, so no damage will be done to it. Also let the motors in the Hovercraft cool off for 5 minutes before installing the next battery.

 To Charge: Plug the USB Charger into a USB wall plug adaptor ( not included ). The LED light will not come on when connected to power. 


-Plug the 9.6V NimH battery into the USB Charger. The Red LED light will now Blink, indicating charging. 


-The battery can take up to 4.5 hrs. to charge. When finished charging the Red LED light will stop flashing and remain Solid Red.


-Never dead short a NimH battery.

-You must FULLY charge the battery, before using your new model. 

-Do not leave the battery plugged into the model, when not in use.

-Fully charge the battery if you are storing for more than 24 hrs.

-Battery maintenance charges every other month if not in use is advisable.

-Keep the battery dry.

 During Charging: 

-It is normal for the battery to get warm during the charging process. Do not charge the battery on a surface that is flammable by heat. 

-Do not leave the battery and charger unattended while charging.

-Do not store the battery plugged into the charger or the model.