• 285-2204 RANGER Battery Cover

  • $4.00


The RANGER Battery Cover is the Cabin or Cockpit of the RANGER.

How to Locate and Install Your Battery For the RANGER:

         You will find your NimH battery in a compartment under the Cabin/control room on the top front of the Hovercraft. Unlatch the  two locks that secure the cabin in place.


 Gently squeeze the sides of the cabin in a bit until the locating tabs are free and you can gently lift the cabin from the RANGER.


Carefully remove the Battery from the compartment for charging.  Reinstall in the same position, once charging is complete. If you are going to run the Craft, plug the battery in, if you are storing it, don't plug the battery in. 

  TIP: Attach a piece of Duct tape to the battery, as a lift tool, so that you aren't pulling on the wires to extract it from the battery compartment. This is what I did.