• 285-2203 RANGER Air Cushion (Rubber Skirt)

  • $15.00


 The RANGER Air Cushion is a Rubber Skirt that is sealed to the inner and the outer sections of the Upper Hull, creating a balloon of air that RANGER will travel on.

 Rubber Skirt Replacement: 

  To remove and replace the rubber skirt on the RANGER, start with removing the five screws that hold the Lower Case Skirt Plate to the RANGER's Upper Hull.


  With the plate free, the rubber skirt still holds it to the RANGER. The bottom of the Rubber Skirt has a special thick edge that is made to be held by the 13 little clamps around the Lower Case Skirt Plate that holds it in place. They just slip out with a careful gentle tug. 


 The Skirt is still held to the RANGER's Upper Hull, by the Upper Inner Skirt Bracket, that seals the Skirt to the Rangers Upper Hull with a band of heaver rubber that is formed around outer edge of the upper skirt, that is designed for this with a seal in mind. If you move the Skirt aside a little you will see the ring of 9 screws that hold this Inner Bracket in place. Remove all 9 , and set the Bracket and the Skirt aside.


 Reverse this process carefully to reinstall.