• 285-2178 CHARGER XL - Rudder Push Rod Tubes

  • $5.00


 The Rudder Push Rod tubes slide over the Push Rod that runs from the servo in the boat, through the transom, and to the rudder on the outside of the boat. Loosen the screw that hold the Push Rod to the Rudder and slide the rod out of the rudder.  Pull the old tube off the rod, and then slide the new tube over the rod, and attach it firmly to the back of the boat.  Be sure to push the tube into the back of the boat firmly, as this helps keep water out of the boat.  Push the rod into the connector on the Rudder.  Next make sure the horn on the Servo is pointing straight up, and the Rudder is straigh, and tighten the screw holding the rod to the Rudder.