• 285-2114 CHALLENGER - Servo Set

  • $10.00


 This Servo Set has a bracket made to fit for the Servo in the Hull of the boat. To remove the Servo, first loosen the Allen screw holding the Servo Connection Rod at the Servo Horn. Then push the Rudder all the way to the right ( starboard ) side and push the Servo Horn all the way forward. This should be enough to remove the Servo Connection Rod from the Collet attached to the Servo Horn. Now remove the two screws holding the Servo bracket bar in place and lift out the Servo. You can now unplug the Servo from the Receiver. 


Just reverse this procedure to reinstall. Make sure that the Servo Horn is as close to 90 degrees, straight up, as you can with the Servo control arm in place but loose. Move the Rudder to as close to straight as you can, then tighten up the Allen Screw on the Collet at the Servo Horn. You may have to make minor adjustments with the trim controls on the Radio.