• 285-2113 CHALLENGER - Rudder Assy

  • $15.00


 This Rudder Assembly comes ready to install into the support brackets at the rear of the boat.


LiteHawk CHALLENGER - Installing Rudder Assembly & Propeller

1. Remove the nut on the propeller shaft and slide included propeller onto shaft.

Reinstall 7mm nut and tighten until it is tight against the propeller, you can see how the Propeller and the Drive Shaft's Brass Propeller Bushing, mate.. so that the Prop won't slip while under power. Use a 7mm wrench (NOT INCLUDED) or pliers to turn remove/tighten the nut.

2. Remove the temporary placed Allen bolts/nuts from the rear support attached to the hull using the included 2.5mm Allen key.

Once removed, install rudder the assembly into place and make sure to slide the thin metal rod through the silver collet located on the rudder portion of the assembly. Once everything is lined up, install the Allen bolts back through their original position. Re-install the corresponding nuts back onto the ends of the Allen bolts and tighten until the assembly is snug.

3. Install the silicone tube onto the the plastic nipple found on the rudder assembly.

4. Once everything is together, make sure the rudder is as straight as possible and tighten the 2.5 Allen screw on the collet to keep the metal rod from sliding freely. This allows the servo inside the hull to control the movement of the rudder. Adjustment might be required once the boat is turned on so keep the 2.5mm Allen key handy. Loosen the Allen bolt and reset the rudder making sure it is straight as possible. For finer adjustment, use the trim buttons on the transmitter once in the water.