• 285-2109 CHALLENGER - Flex Shaft Set

  • $10.00


 CHALLENGER Drive Shaft Maintenance

It is really important to Grease your Flex Shaft frequently. Not only does it help the smooth running of the Propeller and keeps a vibration free Motor, but it acts as a water seal, from water that will try to come into the Hull through the Stuffing Tube. Every second or third run, you should pull out your Flex shaft, give it a wipe, to remove the old grease and then apply a new coating, it doesn't take much, it's easy to do, and sooooo important.

1/ Use the 2mm Allen Key to loosen the two Grub Screws inside the main shaft connector. There are four grub screws on the connector.. two for the Motor shaft and two for the Flex Shaft, only loosen the screws for the Flex shaft. Then slide the flex shaft out ( with the prop still on ) out of the stuffing tube.

2/ Lubricate the flex shaft with waterproof marine grease ( Auto supply store ) and reinstall in reverse order. Ensure that the two grub screws secure the flex shaft properly!