• 285-2107 CHALLENGER - Water Cooling Motor Jacket

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 Accessing CHALLENGER'S Motor and Water Jacket

First remove the plastic tie strap holding the motor wires. Remove the screws holding the Motor Guard and set it aside. Loosen the two grub screws that secure the Flex Shaft Connector to the Motor shaft, and then slide the connector off of the shaft.

Now you can remove the four screws that secure the Water Jacket to the Motor Cradle.

Remove the Four screws that hold the Water Jacket to the Motor, and set the Water Jacket aside.

You can remove the Water Jacket to replace, by pulling off the two water lines.

You will now notice that the Three wires from the Motor, colored.. yellow, red and black.. are connected to three wires that are all black. 

You will have to find a way to distinguish the difference between the three black wires so that you can hook them back up properly. I used colored twist ties. You could tape paper notes to each wire labeling them, is another easy way. Once labeled just unplug each wire and the motor is now out. Reassemble in reverse order.