• 285-2040 CHARGER - Balance Wall Charger

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 LiteHawk CHARGER - Charging the 7.4V Li-Ion Battery

- The 7.4V battery and charger will get warm while charging. This is normal. Do not charge on, or near to, a material or surface that is flammable or one that can be damaged by heat.
- The 7.4V battery can be re-charged many times before it needs replacing. When the 7.4V battery no longer holds a charge it should be properly recycled. DO NOT THROW IN HOUSEHOLD WASTE!
- Your LiteHawk CHARGER will typically run for around 8 minutes on a fully charged 7.4V battery. As soon as you notice a drop off in speed you should bring the model back to shore or control may be lost.

LiteHawk CHARGER - Installing 7.4V Li-Ion Battery
1/ Remove the LiteHawk CHARGER upper deck by rotating the hold down on the rear deck. Slide/Tilt the canopy up.
2/ Insert the 7.4V battery into the boat hull. There is a Velcro tab to hold the battery in place.
3/ Attach the 7.4V battery connector to the matching connector in the LiteHawk CHARGER. Do not force them together – they only attach one way!
4/ Reposition the deck lid securely and twist the turn clamp.
- There is a waterproof rubber gasket inserted into the lip where the hull joins the main upper deck. Always make sure it’s secured and in position before reinstalling the upper deck.
- Remember to disconnect the battery and remove it after use. Always re-charge Li-Ion battery if you intend to store the product for more than 24 hours. failure to do so will damage the battery.