• 285-2008 CHARGER - 7.2V 1100 mah NiMH Battery

  • $15.00


 Use with NIMH wall mount charger 285-2023 only.

NIMH Battery and Charger Instructions:
Your New LiteHawk comes with a rechargeable NIMH battery. This battery powers the vehicle.
Please read the following information before using your new LiteHawk.

The rechargeable NIMH battery provides the power to propel your model at high speeds. You should expect 5-8 min run time. Extra batteries are available at www.litehawk.ca.
- Once the model starts to slow, drive your model to a safe place, walk over and turn it off (unplug the battery from the ESC).
- Never dead short a NIMH battery!
- You Must FULLY charge the battery before using your new model.
- Do not leave the battery plugged into the model when it is not being used.
- Keep the battery dry at all times.

STEP 1: Remove the wall plug charger from the package and plug it into the wall. When plugged in a green LED light will come on.

STEP 2: Connect the NIMH battery to the charger. The green LED light will turn to red.

STEP 3: When the LED indicator light on the charger turns back to green, the battery is fully charged. Charge times are (approx. 2 hrs) do not leave on charge overnight. Battery should be unplugged from the charger after a maximum 3 hours

STEP 4: Unplug the battery from the charger and remove the charger from the wall plug.

During charging:
- It is normal for the battery to get warm during the charging process. Do not charge the battery on a surface that is flammable or can be damaged by heat.
- Do not leave the battery and charger unattended while charging.
- Do not store the battery plugged into the charger.

Installation of battery into the boat:
Place your LiteHawk CHARGER 2 on its supplied boat stand to avoid damage to the rudder and propeller. It is best to always have your boat on the provided stand when not in the water.
- Remove the hatch on the deck by turning the latch and lifting the cover up from the back.
- Insert the battery on the left or port side of the boat hull. You will see a Velcro strip on the hull. Match up the Velcro on the battery pack to hold it in place.

- Plug the Red battery plug into the matching plug in the boat. This is a tight fit, but the plug is keyed so it will only go in one way.
- Reinstall the top hatch.
- Do not store the battery plugged into the boat.