• 285-2005 CHARGER - 3 Blade Propeller

  • $5.00


 If you think that you notice a little change in the performance of your boat. Check your propeller for cracks, chips or breaks. You may be able to file off small chips, but you will have to replace cracks and breaks. 

1/ Locate the nut at the back of the boat holding the propeller on.
2/ While holding the propeller use a pair of pliers to loosen the nut, or a 5.5mm box end or socket wrench. One comes with LiteHawk's Ground Vehicles for removing wheels.
3/ Once removed, slide the propeller off and replace it with the new one.
4/ Make sure to line the propeller up so it locks into place properly.
5/ Securely hold the propeller and tighten the nut back on.