• 285-2021 CHARGER - 2 Blade Propeller

  • $5.00



2 Blade nylon material. You get two propellers in the package.

 LiteHawk CHARGER 2 - Changing Propeller
Not moving as fast? A damaged prop may be the answer. Lets see how to change it.
1/ Locate the nut at the back of the boat holding the propeller on.
2/ While holding the propeller use a pair of pliers to loosen the nut, or a 5.5mm box end or socket wrench. One comes with LiteHawk's Ground Vehicles for removing wheels.
3/ Once removed, slide the propeller off and replace it with the new one.
4/ Make sure to line the propeller up so it locks into place properly.
5/ Securely hold the propeller and tighten the nut back on.