• 285-2004 CHARGER - Flex Shaft

  • $5.00


  Your boat is virtually maintenance free, but one thing is vital to the life of the drivetrain. Lubricating the flex shaft keeps your boat running smooth and also acts as a water seal. This keeps water from entering your boat. Lubricate the
flex shaft/propeller shaft after every 2-3 times you operate your boat.

First remove the propeller.
The CHARGER has 2 Grub screws in the aluminum coupler that connects the motor to the flex shaft. Use the provided 2mm Allen Key to loosen the 2 Grub screws in the coupler. Grab the Flex Shaft and pull back removing the shaft 3/4’s the way out of the boat. Lubricate the shaft with axle or bearing grease and re-install.

- Reinstall the shaft in reverse order.

Types of grease: Axle or bearing grease. Grease can be purchased at any auto parts supply retailer.