• 285-1285 SKYLINER - SKYLINER Controller

  • $15.00


The SKYLINER Controller is a 2.4Ghz frequency hopping radio system designed so you can play with any of your friends that has a SKYLINER and they want to fly with you, and you won't have to worry about frequency's and channels. This Controller takes 4 alkaline batteries, please ensure they are properly inserted, observing correct polarity.


  This LiteHawk Plane has an Auto Assist feature to help new pilots from taking excessive dives and climbs while taking off and landing. Once flying the plane will self level. This feature can not be turned off, but the button on the top left can reduce the amount of assist. When in maximum assist the power button on the controller will blink, and when in standard assist, it will remain solid.


  Your Left stick is a throttle control, and the right stick is your rudder and elevator control.


  When moving the right stick up or down, the rear elevators will move up or down, giving you control of your height, depending on how much or how little your input with the throttle is. Moving the right stick to the left for a left turn will speed up the right motor, turning the plane to the left. Moving the right stick to the right for a right turn, will speed up the left motor, turning the plane to the right.