• 285-1283 SKYLINER - Battery

  • $10.00


  The SKYLINER Battery is a 3.7V  300 mAh  Lipo Battery, that when Fully charged should have 4.2V. Please fully charge your battery before and after use, just let the battery cool off for 10 minutes before recharging or damage may result.  When the USB charger is plugged into a power source the charging light will remain off. When the SKYLINER Battery is installed, the charging light will come on with a solid Red light. When the Red Charging light goes out, indicating the battery is fully charged.  Charging times are approximately 60 minutes, less the first charge out of the box. 


  Installing the SKYLINER battery. 

  The Battery compartment is in the belly of the Fuselage. Make sure that the start switch on the plane is turned off, until you are ready to fly. Open up the catch on the battery compartment, and extract the planes battery connector, and attach the battery. It will only connect one way. Insert the wires into the battery compartment then lay the battery on top. Close up the battery compartment door, make sure the catch is fully inserted and not loose.



Only turn on the planes start switch when you are ready to fly. When disconnecting the battery from the plane, make sure you don't pull on the wires, they can break. Pull on the two connectors to separate the battery from the planes connector.