• 285-1282 SKYLINER - Landing gears & Prop

  • $8.00


 The Landing Gear for the SKYLINER are mounted on Stainless Spring Steel struts. The Struts insert into special slots on the belly of the fuselage for the Nose gear and the Wing gears. Just squeeze the spring at the top of the strut and you can press it into the mounting slot, prepared for it. If you need to remove them, just press the spring together, and carefully pull out.




Installing new props on the STARLINER

  The props are press fit, and they should be quite tight. To loosen them with out pulling on the foam wings, and causing damage, try inserting a flat screwdriver or a butter knife between the top of the motor and the blade, and give the screwdriver a twist, that will push the blade away from the motor. Now you should be able to remove it from the motor with your fingers. Make sure that you replace the prop you have removed with appropriate replacement. The Right side motor is a clock wise spinning motor and needs a clock wise spinning prop. The "A" prop is the clock wise motors prop. The "B" prop is the counter clock wise prop for the Left side counter clock wise motor.



When pressing the Prop on firmly, grip the motor housing with your other hand to prevent any damage to the foam wing as you press the prop on. Then give it flick with your finger to make sure it is spinning freely. 


Props are good, landing gear on. Ready to go.