• 285-1265 ZOOM 2 Replacement Battery

  • $10.00


 3.7V 500mAh 25C Li-Po Battery

LiteHawk ZOOM 2 - How to charge
- Make sure that battery and connectors are dry.
You will notice that there is a white plug coming out of the battery. This is the plug you use with the supplied charger. This is a keyed plug and will only go in one way.

1. Plug your USB power supply into any powered USB port and connect the charger into the opposite end.

2. Connect the battery’s white plug connector into the corresponding port on the charger. A red light will come on, this indicates that the battery is being charged. Charging time is Approx 45 min to 1 hour.

3. Charging is completed once red light goes out.

4. Once charging is complete, unplug battery from the charger and unplug USB from the port.

Tip: To increase your flight time, you may have more than one battery. LiteHawk has anticipated your needs, and supplied you with a charger that can charge two batteries at a time. Remember to let the battery cool down for ten minutes after a flight, before you charge it. Charging a hot battery can result in damage.

During charging:
- It is normal for the battery to get warm during the charging process.
- NEVER charge when the battery, charger or connectors are wet.
- Do not leave the battery and charger unattended while charging.
- After charging, unplug charger from the USB power source
- Do not store the battery plugged into the charger.
- It is best to charge your battery fully before using it for the first time.
- Do not leave the battery charging unattended under ANY circumstances!
- Do not charge on a flamable surface. For example, do not charge on your sofa, on a carpet, in bed..... Please use common sense when charging your product.