• 285-1261 ZOOM 2 Main Wing

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Main wing assembly - EPO foam construction.

All ready to install!

 LiteHawk ZOOM 2 - Main Wing Removal and Replacement

- If it is time to replace your ZOOM 2's wing.. or access the ESC or Micro-servos, you will have to remove the wing.
- Take out the screw located at the back and the middle of the Wing.

- Now very gently.. prize up the back of the wing ( and it will be very snug ) until it comes free, then move the wing backwards towards the tail to completely remove it from the fuselage.

- You will see that the wing root has a stiff plastic bracket on the front of it, and that bracket matches a similar bracket on the inside of the cabin roof. Together, pressed snuggly back into its spot and screwed down.. it will be firmly held in place. ( and no GLUE necessary )

- Of course if you need to this is where you will find the ESC and Micro-Servos.

- Carefully reassemble in reverse order, and you are ready for flight.