• 285-1249 SWIFT Pushrods for Aileron

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 SWIFT Aileron Pushrods are the control wires from the Servo to the Ailerons.

LiteHawk SWIFT - Assembling Replacement Main Wing / Aileron Servo 

This DIY instruction set assumes you have ordered replacement kit "Wing w/ Servo Set" 285-1252 which includes all pieces required to build a replacement Main Wing assembly. THIS IS THE RECOMMENDED WAY TO PROCEED.

A few components can also be ordered separately If required. This DIY instruction set still serves to direct their installation. Wing Servo Set 285-1247, Pushrods 285-1249 and Control Horns 285-1250

- Preparing the Wing Servo Set 285-1247.
- Install the Pushrod Clamp onto the servo Horn and secure it using the included Hex Nut. Take care not to lose or strip the - Clamp Screw when tightening the Nut.
- Install the Servo Horn with Clamp installed onto the Servo and secure it using the included screw. Ensure that the Horn is oriented as shown at approximately the midway point of it's range of actuation.

- Install Control Horn 285-1250 in each aileron (2) (DIY shown above). 

- Run the servo wire through the wing and install the Wing Servo Set onto the wing as shown. 
- Use a small dab of foam-safe CA adhesive or the adhesive of your choice to secure the Servo to the wing.
- We prefer to be very conservative with adhesive, in case a component needs to be replaced later. 

- Insert the Pushrod through the included pushrod ties and insert the kinked ends of the Pushrods through the Control Horns.
- Lay down the Pushrods in the grooves as shown and secure the push rod ties. 
- For lack of a better method to secure the pushrod sleeves a nd ties to the wing, apply a few tiny dabs of foam-safe CA adhesive or the adhesive of your choice along their lengths at regular intervals. 

- Insert the straight ends of the Pushrods through the Pushrod Clamp. Be sure the servo horn is centered and Ailerons are neutral. Tighten the Clamp screw. 

- Apply the included decal as shown.