• 285-1247 SWIFT Servo Set 180 mm Wire

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 The SWIFT Servo Set with 180 mm Wire. Is the Servo for the Wing Ailerons, you only need one, there are two in the package. Comes with the Servo Horn and attaching screw. 


LiteHawk SWIFT - Wing Install
Find the small tab on the front of the canopy. Gently pull it forward, the canopy will release.

Next, locate the servo connector on the wing. Gently pull it out.

Now find the 3M tape on wing, and remove the backing.

Now, slide the wing into the fuselage, with the wire side pointing forward. Fish the wire through the hole shown. Using needle nose pliers will help with getting the wire through the hole.

Gently pull the wire while sliding the wing in.

Now, we need to connect the wire to the ESC.
You can pull the ESC out to help make connecting the Servo wire easier. The ESC is attached to the fuselage with a velcro strip.

Slide the connector onto the pins, with the silver side down.

This is what the connection will look like. Return the ESC back to its place, and route the wires so they don't interfere with the servos.

Next, install the wing tip. Find the small tip, and remove the 3M tap backing from the wing. Press on the end of the wing, using the small nubs.

Wing installed :-)

To replace a Wing Servo, you must defeat the 3M tape that secures the wing to the fuselage. You must make a careful cut on the Left side of the fuselage.

The Wing should now slide out enough to access the Wing Servo.