• 285-029 LiteHawk 3 Controller

  • $15.00


 The LITEHAWK III Controller needs 2 "AA" batteries to function.


  • Make sure that the model is turned OFF and locate a flat level surface.


    • Turn the LITEHAWK III on. Its lights will come on blinking. Place the Heli' on the flat surface, you must do this within five seconds of turning the power switch ON.


      • Turn on the power for the Controller. Its power light will come on blinking. 


        • Move the left control stick ( this is also the throttle stick ) all the way up, then all the way back down.
          • You will hear a beep. The controllers light is now solid, and the model is now bound. The Heli's lights will remain blinking throughout. 

            The LITEHAWK III MUST be on a flat surface in order to digitally level itself, otherwise the model will not sync to the controller.

             LITEHAWK III- Auto Take Off, Auto Land, Auto Hover.

            Your Litehawk Helicopter is equipped with a barometric sensor which allows for Altitude hold capability. The helicopter will maintain your desired height while flying. 

            1. Auto Take Off- Press the Auto Take Off button to start your heli's rotor blades. The Auto Take Off button is also the left throttle stick but presses in as a button as well.


                      To lift off you must increase the throttle carefully until you attain the height             that you want.  Rotor wash, fan breezes open window breezes will all                   conspire to change that height.                  

                     2.  Auto Land-
            • Press the Auto Land Button and the Heli' will land itself.  If it lands to slowly, the rotor wash will keep it airborne and it won't land, you may have to force the last few inches by reducing the throttle to nothing, then hold the throttle down until the motors have stopped.


                      3.  Altitude Hold- You will notice the left stick is spring loaded and rests                 in the center position. If you want to climb, or increase altitude, push up               on the throttle stick and release when you reach your desired height. To               lower the Helicopters height just push down on the throttle stick.