• 285-028 LiteHawk 3 and 4 Heli - ESC

  • $15.00


This ESC is compatible with the Litehawk 3 and Litehawk 4 helicopters.

The LITEHAWK Helicopter ESC is the brains of this exceptional aircraft. It comes already attached to the Lower Chassis, it does however require soldering all wiring.

  LITEHAWK 3 and 4 - Access Upper Chassis, Motors, ESC/Receiver

Remove 5 Upper Chassis Side Plate Screws, and Slide off 2 plastic bushings from both sides of the Heli'. Take note that the Rear motor and Rear Rotor tail boom motor have wires that run down the right hand side of the Heli' just under the Right Upper Chassis Side Plate. Now set the Bushings and Side Plates aside.


To Remove the Motor, just press up on the Pinion Gear and the motor will pop out.


To remove the Motors, the Rear Tail boom, or to change out the ESC, you will have to desolder the wires necessary for your repair.  Here is a picture of the ESC's 10 solder points. Once every thing is desoldered you can remove the Landing gear and the ESC is ready to replace.