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LiteHawk ZOOM 2 - Precautions
The LiteHawk ZOOM 2 is not intended for children under the age of 14 unless closely supervised by an adult. Improper use may cause serious injury. Please read Li-Po Battery section before use. Do not fly in areas close to high voltage lines or crowds. Do not fly when windy. Do not use when raining or snowing or if there is lightning and/or thunder. Do not touch ANY moving parts while the model is powered. Do not fly when wind speed is above 15 km/h (10 mph)

LiteHawk ZOOM 2 - How to charge
- Make sure that battery and connectors are dry.
You will notice that there is a white plug coming out of the battery. This is the plug you use with the supplied charger. This is a keyed plug and will only go in one way.

1. Plug your USB power supply into any powered USB port and connect the charger into the opposite end.

2. Connect the battery’s white plug connector into the corresponding port on the charger. A red light will come on, this indicates that the battery is being charged. Charging time is Approx 45 min to 1 hour.

3. Charging is completed once red light goes out.

4. Once charging is complete, unplug battery from the charger and unplug USB from the port.

Tip: To increase your flight time, you may have more than one battery. LiteHawk has anticipated your needs, and supplied you with a charger that can charge two batteries at a time. Remember to let the battery cool down for ten minutes after a flight, before you charge it. Charging a hot battery can result in damage.

During charging:
- It is normal for the battery to get warm during the charging process.
- NEVER charge when the battery, charger or connectors are wet.
- Do not leave the battery and charger unattended while charging.
- After charging, unplug charger from the USB power source
- Do not store the battery plugged into the charger.
- It is best to charge your battery fully before using it for the first time.
- Do not leave the battery charging unattended under ANY circumstances!
- Do not charge on a flamable surface. For example, do not charge on your sofa, on a carpet, in bed..... Please use common sense when charging your product.

LiteHawk ZOOM 2 - Battery Placement and “sync”
1 Unlock the hatch on the bottom of the fuselage by turning the tab.

2 The battery plugs into the white power lead

3 Once plugged in a red LED within the fuselage will blink.

4 Turn on the controller, make sure the throttle stick is all the way down.

5 You will hear an audible beeping, once the beeping stops (about 3 seconds) the LED in the plane will turn solid red. The plane and the controller are now bound.

6 Close up the battery hatch and go Flying! 

Have Fun!


LiteHawk ZOOM 2 - Install Landing Gear

- You need to put your wheels on your ZOOM 2, with the single wheel up front and the double wheels towards the rear of the fuselage.

- Take the single, front wheel and orient it so when inserted it will angle forward towards the propeller.
- Now squeeze the upper wire prongs and insert in the forward slot on the bottom of the fuselage.
- Carefully press in until flush with the body, and the wheel is angled towards the front of the plane.

- Now take the rear wheels and squeeze them together, which will compress the landing gear latch so that you can insert it into the slot just behind the battery compartment.

- The Wheels on your ZOOM 2 should will look like this. 

Now your undercarriage is all set up for flight. You can easily remove your wheels anytime you fly someplace where the wheels won't work very well... like thick grass.. 


LiteHawk ZOOM 2 - Pre Flight Check
Before you head out for a fun day of flying, make sure to check the following:
1. Performing a good range check
2. Performing a control surface check
3. Landing Gear Secure
4. Prop Secured to shaft and spins freely
5. Check rudder Control full deflection
6. Check Elevator Control full deflection
7. Is elevator trimmed neutral (or on a slight angle up).
8. Is rudder trimmed neutral

LiteHawk ZOOM 2 - Post Flight
- When you have finished using your LiteHawk ZOOM 2 you should first disconnect the Li-Po battery, then switch OFF the transmitter.
- If you do not plan on using the model for more than 24 hours, it is recommended that you recharge the battery fully before putting it away.
- Remember to allow the battery to cool 10-15 minutes before recharging.

 LiteHawk ZOOM 2 - Main Wing Removal and Replacement

- If it is time to replace your ZOOM 2's wing.. or access the ESC or Micro-servos, you will have to remove the wing.
- Take out the screw located at the back and the middle of the Wing.

- Now very gently.. prize up the back of the wing ( and it will be very snug ) until it comes free, then move the wing backwards towards the tail to completely remove it from the fuselage.

- You will see that the wing root has a stiff plastic bracket on the front of it, and that bracket matches a similar bracket on the inside of the cabin roof. Together, pressed snuggly back into its spot and screwed down.. it will be firmly held in place. ( and no GLUE necessary )

- Of course if you need to this is where you will find the ESC and Micro-Servos.

- Carefully reassemble in reverse order, and you are ready for flight.


 LiteHawk ZOOM 2 Motor replacement.

This ZOOM 2 Motor assembly is actually three motors in one and is powerful enough to fly in a light breeze. 

Replacing the Motor requires carefully cutting the nose of the plane off, spitting the nose down the middle and carefully removing the motor from its slots, then gluing in the new motor, regluing the cowling pieces together and gluing the whole nose piece back on.. don't forget to hook up the new motor to the ESC harness before you glue the nose back on!

There is a raised part up the middle of the nose that tapers out about half way to the windshield.. start your cut just behind here,

try not to pierce the foam with the knife to much, there are wires underneath. Cut all the way around the nose until it is off.


Unplug the motor wires. Now cut the nose in half, lengthwise, and carefully remove the old motor.

Glue in the new motor and reglue the nose peace, hook up the motor wires, and reglue the nose piece back onto the ZOOM 2 Fuselage!