XXL 2 AM Guides



  • Includes On Board Battery
  • Wall Mount charger is also included. 
  • Length Approx: 18" 46cm
  • Weight Approx: .5 lb 225g
  • Height Approx: 8" 20cm
  • Rotor Span Approx: 14.5" 37cm
  • Wall mount charger included 
  • Up to 10 minutes of flight time per charge
  • Throttle, Pitch (FWD/REV), Yaw (Rotation Turn), Yaw trim

LiteHawk XXL 2 AM Instruction Manual

How to charge the Litehawk XXL 2 AM:
- Make sure that battery and connectors are dry.
You will notice that there are 2 plugs with wires coming out of the battery. The white plug with the blue, black, and red wires is the balance plug. This is the plug you use with the supplied balance charger. This is a keyed plug and will only go in one way. Unplug the red battery connector from the helicopter if plugged in.
1. Plug your wall mount power supply into a 120V outlet and connect the balance charger into the opposite end. The red light on the balance charger will be solid red to indicate there is power.
2. Connect the battery’s white 3 pin balance connector into the corresponding port on the balance charger. A green light will come on, this indicates that the battery is being charged. Charging time is Approx 1 - 1.5 hours.
3. Charging is completed once green light goes out and the red light stays solid on. If both lights are still on for more than 2 hours, unplug the battery as the charger may be defective. Discontinue use immediately and call LiteHawk Technical Support.
4. Once charging is complete, unplug battery from charger and unplug charger from wall outlet.

During charging:
- It is normal for the battery to get warm during the charging process. Do not charge the battery on a surface that is flammable or can be damaged by heat.
- Do not leave the battery and charger unattended while charging.
- After charging, unplug charger from wall outlet.
- Do not store the battery plugged into the charger.
- It is best to charge your battery fully before using it for the first time.
- DO NOT leave the battery charging unattended under ANY circumstances!

LiteHawk XXL 2 AM - First Flight
If you’ve never flown then the first thing you need to learn is throttle control. Slowly and carefully ramp up the throttle until the model starts to lift off, then as soon as the model leaves the ground, ease off the throttle gently and let it settle back down. If the hardware is working correctly the model should remain fairly level, and shouldn’t drift too far. Repeat this process, lift off gently and then land again, until you have a good feel for how much throttle is required to keep the model in the air. Try keeping it in the air a little longer - don’t worry about pitch or yaw and - all we care about right now is that the model stays at a steady height. Don’t go more than a meter off the ground. If the model drifts too far, ease off the throttle and land it.

Once you are able to hold the model at a steady height, try moving the right stick gently to start controlling the model’s direction. If the XXL II moves left, move the stick slightly to the right. If it starts moving towards you, push the stick up slightly. Get the feel for how the XXL II moves around while using the right stick. Remember, if at any point the XXL II moves out of position, especially if it starts coming towards you, cut the throttle immediately. Repeat this process until you are comfortable with how the right stick controls the XXL II. 
When heading out to fly your model, it’s important to always use common sense.
Do not fly in the following places: Near crowds or high voltage, near any obstacles, wind speeds over C (3mph), thunder, rain or snow or between high buildings.
- Ensure nothing prevents the smooth running of the moving parts.
- Do not dismantle or tamper with this R/C product or its transmitter. The manufacturer and distributor will accept no responsibility, expressed or implied, for accidents or injuries caused as a result of dis-assembly, modification and/or usage against the instructions for this product.
- Ensure that all batteries are correctly installed and that the Li-Po battery is fully charged and in good condition.
- Do not touch ANY moving parts during operation.
LiteHawk XXL 2 AM - Post Flight
- When you have finished using your LiteHawk XXL II you should first disconnect the Li-Po battery, then switch OFF the transmitter.
- If you do not plan on using the helicopter for more than 24 hours, it is recommended that you recharge the battery fully before putting it away.
- Remember to allow the battery to cool 10-15 minutes before recharging.
 LiteHawk XXL 2 AM - Canopy Removal 
1. Place your LiteHawk on a flat, open surface where there is space to work. Tip: put a towel / mat under the workspace to catch any dropped screws or parts.
2. First, unclip the canopy from the black pegs that hold it in place (circled in red). There is one peg on each side (left and right) of the helicopter.
3. Once unclipped, gently slide the canopy forward. Be careful not to pull the canopy too far, as the LED in the nosecone could be pulled out accidentally.
4. Here the LED can be seen in the nosecone (circled in red). The wires that connect the LED to the mainboard are highlighted (red arrow).
5. To completely remove the canopy, the LED must be disconnected. Find the highlighted connector (circled in red) on the XXL 2 mainboard and GENTLY disconnect it. Always pull the connector from the head, not by the wires, otherwise damage could occur.
6. Your canopy is now detached!
  LiteHawk XXL 2 AM - Landing Gear Replacement 
1. Place your LiteHawk on a flat, open surface where there is space to work. Tip: put a towel / mat under the workspace to catch any dropped screws or parts.
2. Turn the XXL 2 onto its side, as depicted. You will be able to see the zip tie securing the antenna wire in place (circled in red). CAREFULLY cut the zip tie. DO NOT CUT the antenna wire! Once the zip tie is cut, unravel the antenna wire. The antenna is wrapped around the landing gear posts (indicated by the red arrows).
3. To remove the landing gear, unscrew the four (4) philips screws that secure the landing gear to the bottom of the helicopter. Pull the landing gear off of the XXL 2.
 LiteHawk XXL 2 AM - Gear Replacement 
1. 2. Remove the Landing Gear and Canopy. The Landing gear is secured with four (4) philips screws. Carefully cut the zip tie securing the antenna wire to the landing gear. DO NOT CUT the antenna wire. For more information on how to remove the landing gear, consult the'landing gear removal' guide. The Canopy simply pops off the two mounts securing it in place. Slide the canopy forward to remove it (red arrow). Be careful not to pull the canopy too far away from the mainboard as the LED spotlight wire (circled in red) may become unfastened from the interior of the canopy. Disconnect the spotlight wire (circled in red) from the mainboard by pulling it gently from the red clip at the end of the wire. DO NOT PULL from the wire itself as damage may occur.

3. Remove the Battery from the helicopter frame. Slide the battery forward (red arrow) while feeding the battery cables through the hole in the frame (circled in red). The battery is secured by double sided tape; pull firmly to disconnect the tape.

4. Remove one side of the frame (part 1.) Unscrew all 11 screws on the side of the frame (circled in red). It does not matter which side of the frame is removed, as the gear assembly can be accessed from either side.

5. 6. 7. Remove one side of the frame (part 2.) The side frame is also secured by four (4) screws on the bottom side of the helicopter (circled in red). Remove all four to allow the side frame to come off.

8. The next step is to remove the rotor heads and blades. These components can be removed as one piece. To remove the top rotor, unscrew the two (2) philips screws securing the top assembly to the main drive shaft (circled in red).

9. Next, remove the four (4) screws securing the lower rotor assembly to the drive shaft (circled in red).

10. Gently pull the rotor top rotor assembly up and off of the drive shaft. Be careful not to lose the clear grey spacer that goes beneath the upper rotor head (this piece can be seen immediately left of the red arrow in the accompanying picture). Note the flat spots on the drive shaft where the screws must be re-aligned with when the rotor head is eventually re-attached.

11. Next, pull the drive shaft and gear for the upper assembly out the bottom of the helicpter (red arrow).

12. Gently pull the lower rotor assembly up and off of the drive shaft. Once again, be careful not to lose the clear grey spacer.

13. Remove the drive shaft for the lower rotor assembly by pulling it gently out of the bottom of the helicopter (red arrow).

Re Assembly.

- Simply follow the instructions in the reverse order.

1. First, replace the gears and drive shafts with the corresponding replacement parts.

2. Re-attach the rotor assemblies. Line up the screws with the flat spots on the drive shaft and tighten the screws. Do not overtighten as the screw housings may strip.

3. Replace the side frame and screw all removed screws back into place.

4. Re-insert the battery. Feed the cables back through the opening in which they were originally found. It may be necessary to replace the double sided tape that initially secured the battery.

5. Plug the LED spotlight back into the mainboard (the connector is keyed, so pay attention to the orientation. Do not force the connector into place).

6. Once the LED is connected again, slide the canopy back into place and clip it back onto its supports.

7. Re-attach the landing gear (4 screws) and carefully wrap the antenna wire around the landing gear legs as it was initially found. Use a zip tie to secure the wire in place.