XXL 2.4 Ghz Guides



  • XXL Red:2.4 Ghz
  • Operational range: Approximately ~50 feet
  • Throttle, Pitch (FWD/REV), Yaw (Rotation Turn)
  • 7.4 Volt, 650 mAh Lithium on-board battery
  • Wall mount charger included 
  • Up to 10 minutes of flight time per charge
  • Length Approx: 18" 46cm
  • Weight Approx: .5 lb 225g
  • Height Approx: 8" 20cm
  • Rotor Span Approx: 14.5" 37cm

  • LiteHawk XXL 2.4 Ghz Instruction Manual

    Helicopter will not turn on (no lights on)
    -Cause: Battery has not been re-inserted into the side of the helicopter after charging.
    -Fix: Re-insert battery plug into side of the helicopter after charging. The slot is located next to the on/off switch.
    Helicopter moves around or topples over during lift-off
    -Cause: Helicopters of all sizes are always most unstable/vulunerable during take-off as they must fight a force called "ground effect". The apparent effect occurs because the ground is pushing back on the air being forced down by the helicopter. As the helicopter moves higher the force pushing back become less. Anything above 8" is considered "safe".
    -Fix: Use more throttle/speed to get out of the "ground effect" zone. Doing this quickly will result in easy to control take-off behavior.
    Helicopter does not go forward fast OR moves forward & backwards by itself
    -Cause: "Coaxial" design helicopters are limited to how fast they move forward & reverse as they must rely on tail rotor speed to manipulate the pitch. The stability provided by this design limits their maneuverability greatly, but is what makes them perfect for beginners.
    -Fix: Add weight to the front or rear of the helicopter to change weight bias. Add weight to the front to create more forward momentum or add weight to the rear to create more rearwards momentum. Standard weight balance for all Litehawk models is 50/50.
    -Cause: Battery has moved forward or backwards inside the chassis causing weight balance to shift.
    -Fix: Remove Canopy and move battery forward or backwards to get desired effect.
    -Cause: Missing parts from front or rear of helicopter changing weight balance.
    -Fix: Add/replace parts that are damaged or missing.

    LiteHawk XXL 2.4 Ghz Canopy Removal

    The XXL Canopy is designed for quick removal and easy access to the ESC and battery.
    -To remove the Canopy, firmly grip the Canopy Corners and pull one side of the body posts at a time.
    -If replacing the canopy, gently push the Led out of its front housing. Do not pull the Led out by the wires.

    LiteHawk XXL 2.4 Ghz Landing Gear Removal
    -To remove the landing gear simply locate the four screws on the bottom of the helicopter holding it inplace.
    -Remove these screws - be careful not to lose them. Working on a towel will keep them from bouncing away.
    -Once removed, pull off the old landing gear and replace it with your new set. Insert the four screws and you are ready to fly again.

    LiteHawk XXL 2.4 Ghz Tail Boom Removal
    -To remove the tail boom, locate the two screws at the back of the helicopter where the tail boom enters the chassis.
    -Remove both of these screws . The next step is removing the side plate on the chassis.
    -To do this remove the body post and two screws as well as the remaining 4 screws holding the metal plate to the chasis .
    -Once this has been removed you can easily access the tail boom wiring. Disconnect it from the Board.
    -Then gently slide the wires out the back while removing the tail boom assembly.
    -To attach the new boom, simply reverse these steps.