Whisper Guides

  • Operational range: Approximately 30 meters (~100 feet)
  • Length: 260mm (10.24”)
  • Beam: 90mm (3.54”)
  • Mast Height: 320mm (12.6”)
  • Overall Height: 435mm (17.13”)
  • RTR Total weight: 175g (6.17 oz)
  • Main Sail Area: 1.67sq dm (25.89 sq in)
  • Jib Sail Area: .8 sq dm (12.4 sq in)
  • Overall Sail Area 2.47 sq dm (38.29 sq in)
  • Carbon Fibre Main Mast
  • Stress Resistant Nylon Sails
  • 2.4 Ghz R/C

LiteHawk Whisper Instruction Manual English/French

LiteHawk Whisper - Basic Boat Terminology

Bow: The front of the boat.
Stern: The back of the boat.
Port: This is the left side of the boat when you are facing the bow of the boat. An easy way to remember this is that port and left both contain four letters.
Starboard: This is the right side of the boat when you are facing the bow of the boat.
Hull: The body of the boat.
Deck: The top of the boat.
Keel: A weighted blade that protrudes from the bottom of the hull as a means of providing lateral stability.
Rudder: The hinged vertical plate mounted at the stern that controls steering.

LiteHawk Whisper - Installing Three AAA batteries in the Battery Box

Place the Whisper on the supplied display stand for easier access.
ALWAYS turn on the controller before the boat.
1. Remove the Whisper's Upper Deck by turning the table near the stern, as shown.
Gently lift the table up to release the upper deck. Note that the upper deck has a front pin, ensure to pull this gently to remove the upper deck from the boat.
2. Place 3 AAA batteries (not included) in the battery box. Note imprinted polarity direction. Ensure the power switch is turned OFF.
3. Move the LEFT stick on your controller all the way down. Turn ON the controller. Turn ON the boats battery box. The GREEN light on the boat’s receiver will be on. The GREEN lights on the controller will be ON. If a light is RED, you will need to BIND your controller to your boat (please see next page).
4. Replace the upper deck be reversing the steps above.

LiteHawk Whisper - Transmitter & Receiver Binding

The binding process effectively ties the transmitter and receiver together. Under normal circumstances, both items are supplied like this from the factory. If, however, you find that your transmitter and receiver are not bound (receiver’s red LED will turn on), you should do the following:
1. Make sure throttle stick (Left Stick) is in the bottom position, turn on the transmitter.
2. Carefully pull the receiver unit (which is in the front of the boat), so that you can see the BIND button.
4. Press the BIND button. The receiver light will turn GREEN.
6. Replace the receiver in the boat along with the battery box.
7. Ensure the antennea wire is AWAY from batteries.

Sailing the LiteHawk Whisper

Your new LiteHawk Whisper presents an interesting challenge.
Sailing requires constant reaction to water movements, wind gusts and wind direction changes! This is important as you do not have an engine to drive your yacht, it is powered by wind only.
Your reactions now require adjustment of the rudder and sails in order to find the best possible course for your sailing adventure!