Your LiteHawk MAD WAVE comes with a 2.4 Ghz radio system, which allows you to play without the fear of ever losing control! Race or play with countless other drivers. The range of your boat is approximately 250ft which, due to its size, is in excess of normal vision. The farther the boat goes away from you the smaller it will become and the harder it will be to determine the boat’s direction We suggest you drive at a distance between 20ft-50ft, this keeps your boat within a safe operational distance.
- Make sure your hands are clear of the propeller and rudder when you are placing the boat in and out of the water. For your first few runs try to keep the boat within 10-30ft of you so you can see how the boat reacts to steering and throttle input. Once you have more experience you can venture a little farther away. Remember the controls are proportional just like a real boat. Ease on and off the throttle until you are comfortable.

LiteHawk MAD WAVE - Battery & Charger
Your LiteHawk MAD WAVE comes with an 11.1 Volt Li-Po battery, a 120V wall mount power supply and balance charging system.

LiteHawk MAD WAVE - Battery:
The rechargeable Li-Po battery provides the power to propel your boat across the water at high speeds. You should expect 5-10min run time. Extra batteries are available. However you do need to make sure to properly maintain your Li-Po Battery.
- Li-Po batteries don’t like to be run down too low. If the voltage is dropped dramatically they will be damaged and will not recharge! The ESC (Electronic Speed Control) in the boat has low voltage hard cut off at 3.2V per cell: once the boat starts to slow bring it back to shore immediately. It is recommended charging the battery after you run the boat and store the battery with a charge. Never discharge or dead short a Li-Po battery!
- You Must FULLY charge the battery before using your new boat.
- Do not leave the battery plugged into the boat when it is not being used.

You will notice that there are 2 plugs with wires coming out of the battery. The white plug with the white, black, and red wires is the balance plug. This is the plug you use with the supplied balance charger. This is a keyed plug and will only go in one way.
1. Plug your wall mount power supply into a 120V outlet and connect the balance charger into the opposite end. The red light on the balance charger will be solid red to indicate there is power.
2. Connect the battery’s white 4 pin balance connector into the corresponding port on the balance charger. The red light will turn off, a green light will blink to indicate charging. Charging time is Approx 1.5-2 hours.
3. Charging is completed once red light and the green light are both solid on. If both lights are still not solid on within 2.5 hours, unplug battery as the charger may be defective. Discontinue use immediately and call LiteHawk Technical Support.

LiteHawk MAD WAVE - During charging:
- It is normal for the battery to get warm during the charging process. Do not charge the battery on a surface that is flammable or can be damaged by heat.
- Do not leave the battery and charger unattended while charging.
- Do not store the battery plugged into the charger

 LiteHawk MAD WAVE - Deck removal

- Find the latch at the rear of the boat.
- This latch can be turned either way, left or right. Turn latch, then pull up.

 LiteHawk MAD WAVE - Battery placement

Place your LiteHawk MAD WAVE on its supplied boat stand to avoid damage to the rudder and propeller. It is best to always have your boat on the provided stand when not in the water.
- Remove the hatch on the deck by turning the rear mounted latch, lift the cover from the back and remove.
- Locate the battery holder inside the boat. Insert the 11.1 Volt battery into the left side of the boat hull. This holder has a strip of velcro on the bottom, along with a strap to hold the battery.
- Plug the Red battery plug into the matching plug in the boat. This is a tight fit, but the plug is keyed so it will only go in one way.
- Reinstall the top hatch.
- Do not store the battery plugged into the boat.