3 Channel IR (Infrared)
Operational range: Line of sight, 10 meters (33 feet)
Pitch (FWD / REV) trim, Yaw (Rotational/Turn) trim

3.7 Volt LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer) on-board battery
Up to 10 minutes of flight time per charge

Body length:
(not including blades): 195 mm (7 3/4 inches)
(including blades): 222 mm (8 3/4 inches)
Body width (not including blades): 50 mm (2 inches)
Body height (to top of rear shaft): 95 mm (3.75 inches)
Rotor blade diameter: 185 mm (7.25 inches)

39 g (1.4 oz)

LiteHawk Original Instruction Manual


"Remote controller does not turn on (no red LED)"
-Cause: Batteries are not inserted correctly.
-Fix: Make sure they are inserted correctly. Refer to manual for correct orientation.
-Cause: Batteries are dead.
-Fix: Replace with new batteries.
"Helicopter will not turn on (no lights on)"
-Cause: Battery is Dead
-Fix: Recharge battery.
-Cause: Battery wire has come off ESC.
-Fix: Remove canopy to check if negative or positive battery lead has come off. If it has, resolder back on to appropriate terminal.

"Helicopter/Remote will not sync to each other"
-Cause: Either helicopter or remote is OFF.
-Fix: Make sure both are in the ON position.
-Cause: Batteries inside remote are dead or dying.
-Fix: Replace with fresh batteries
-Cause: Syncing steps in manual were not followed correctly.
-Fix: Follow these steps:

1. Turn on Remote(Solid Green LED). *If it blinks green batteries are dead or dying*
2. Turn on Helicopter(Lights should come on in 1-3 seconds)
3. Move left(throttle) stick on the remote fully up, then fully down.
4. Once solid, it is synced.
5. You are ready to fly.

"Helicopter moves around or topples over during lift-off"
-Cause: Helicopters of all sizes are always most unstable/vulnerable during take-off as they must fight a force called "ground effect". The apparent effect occurs because the ground is pushing back on the air being forced down by the helicopter. As the helicopter moves higher the force pushing back become less. Anything above 8" is considered "safe".
-Fix: Use more throttle/speed to get out of the "ground effect" zone. Doing this quickly will result in easy to control take-off behavior.
-Cause: starting surface is carpet or some type of fabric.
-Fix: Start from smooth surfaces as some fabrics stick to landing gear causing uneven balance during take off.