LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER - Blade Rotation Direction

    LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER - Charging from the USB

    •  Plug the included USB cable into your USB port. Plug the other end of the cable into your Litehawk HIGH ROLLER. The LED light on the USB will turn RED, once your heli is charged the LED light will go out.
    LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER - Controller Functions

    LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER - How To Fly and Proper Storage Procedures

    Pre Flight:
    • 1/ Plug the battery into the HIGH ROLLER and place HIGH ROLLER on the included stand. You will see a flashing white light on the HIGH ROLLER come on.
    • 2/ Turn ON the remote control - You will see a flashing red LED light and audible beep indicating the power is on. 
    • 3/ Move the left stick on the remote up and down once - In a few seconds the white LED on the HIGH ROLLER will be solid. This indicates that the model and the controller are bound. If the white LED is blinking slowly, they are not bound and you must repeat the process.
    • 4/ Your HIGH ROLLER is now ready for it's flight. 
    Post Flight:
    •  Remove the red battery plug from the side of the HIGH ROLLER.
    •  Turn off the remote.
    •  If you do not plan on using the HIGH ROLLER for more than 24 hours, it is recommended that you recharge the battery fully before putting it away.
    •  Please remember to allow the battery to cool 10-15 minutes before recharging.


    • Recharge the battery for at least 20 minutes if storing for more than 24 hours. Failure to do so will damage the battery pack.
    LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER - Directional Trimming
    • With the HIGH ROLLER in "AIR" mode, and on the ground, put the HIGH ROLLER against a wall, and throttle up the rotors. 
    • If the HIGH ROLLER pushes against the wall, push the direction trim tab back, if it pulls away, push it forward. Adjusting this tab until the body of the HIGH ROLLER is level with the floor, means that the forward/reverse trim is set. 
    • With that done, you can also set the rotate, and turn trims on the floor - by watching which direction it wants to go. Doing this trimming is best done on a smooth surface, i.e. wood floor etc.
    LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER - How to tell FRONT from BACK when the body isn't on
    • So, you have just done some work on rotors and you have had the ESC removed - you need to figure out which way is the front so everything goes back together properly.
    • An easy trick is to look at the ESC, you can see that the main power connectors are located at the "rear" of the HIGH ROLLER.
    LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER - ESC Wiring Diagram
    LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER - Removing the body
    • 1/ Carefully pull each holding tab from the struts one at a time.
    • 2/ If you need to remove the body completely, just unplug the led light from the ESC - carefully.
    • 3/ When reattaching the body make sure the body clips are firmly over the struts, with the led lights oriented forward.. between the white rotors.
    LiteHawk HIGH ROLLER - Removing the battery
    • When replacing a battery we use a dull pencil or a Popsicle stick to push it out with. Carefully of course so that it's not pulling on wires.
    • To replace your battery - gently push it in, all the way to the stop.