LiteHawk 2 Guides

LiteHawk II - Instruction Manual


LiteHawk II - How to charge

- Charging from the Radio - Slide open the charge cable cover on the back side of the transmitter and remove the charging cable. Make sure the helicopter is switched OFF and plug the charging cable into the LiteHawk. Turn the power on the transmitter to “on”, you will notice that the LED light is red. Once the light goes out your LiteHawk is charged. NOTE: when remote is in standby, LED will be green. 
- Charging from the USB - Plug the USB into your computer USB port. Plug the other end of the cable into your LiteHawk II. The LED light on the USB will turn RED, once your heli is charged the LED light will go out.

    Remember - Recharge the battery for at least 20 minutes if storing for more than 24 hours. Failure to do so will damage the battery pack.

       LiteHawk II - How to sync
      • Place the helicopter on a flat surface. Turn your remote controller On, then turn on your LiteHawk. Make sure the transmitter is facing the helicopter at all times. Push the throttle lever to the top and back down to sync the helicopter, you will notice the light on the controller is now green. 
      • Slowly push the throttle lever up and your LiteHawk will begin to hover. This may take a little practice. If your LiteHawk does not stay straight, adjust the trim wheel by turning it in the opposite direction that the LiteHawk is rotating.

       LiteHawk II - Landing Gear (Skid) Replacement

      Looking at the bottom of the helicopter, you will see four screws that attach the skids to the helicopter. Remove these screws and the skids will come off. Replace the same way you removed them, making sure that the curved end of the skids are forward

       LiteHawk II - Tail Rotor Blade Replacement

      Just firmly lift up on the blade at the hub, while holding the motor with your other hand.
      There is an up side to the blade, the hub has a flat side and a rounded side. The rounded side is up.
      To replace just press it on to the motor spindle, not tight! Give it a flick with your finger, and if it spins free, your good, if not hold the motor tight and pull the blade up just enough for it to spin freely.

       LiteHawk II - Main Rotor Blade Replacement

      - Looking at the blades, you will see a screw that attaches the blade to the blade grip. Unscrew this screw and remove the blade.
      - Replace the same way as it was removed. Make sure you have the "A" blades on the top, and "B" on the bottom. The blades have the letters near the screw hole.
      - Do not over tighten the screws, the blades need to "swing" in order to perform properly.

      LiteHawk II - Stabilizer Boom and Connectors

      LiteHawk II - Upper Rotor Mount Replacement

       LiteHawk II - ESC Wiring Guide