How to Charge the LiteHawk LENS:

Your LiteHawk LENS comes with a Li-Po battery which is inside the model. The rechargeable Li-Po battery provides the power to propel your model at high speeds. You should expect 5-8 min run time. However you do need to make sure to properly maintain your Li-Po Battery.
- Li-Po batteries don’t like to be run down too low. If the voltage is dropped dramatically they will be damaged and will not recharge! Once the model starts to slow, drive your model to a safe place, walk over and turn it off.

-You should always let your battery cool down after a run before you charge them. damage can result from charging a hot Li-Po battery
- It is recommend to charge the battery after your run and to always store the battery with a charge. Never discharge or dead short a Li-Po battery! 

1/ Open the Battery Hatch at the back of the Drone, and carefully remove the Battery

2/ Plug the USB into your computer, TV, or USB charger. The LED light will remain OFF.

3/ Plug the other end of the cable into your Litehawk LENS battery. Do not force the plug, it only goes in one way. The LED light on the USB will turn ON.

4/ Charge time can take up to 60 minute (shorter if charging for the first time). Once charged the LED light on the USB will turn OFF. 

Tip: If storing for more than 24 hours it is best to store with a fully charged battery. Failure to do so can damage the battery pack and shorten its useful life.

Installing the Battery in the QUATTRO LENS:

1/ Place your Battery into the LENS and when you connect it to the Drone and the lights start to flash, place the Drone onto a level surface, facing away from you, that you will start flying from. This allows the digital Gyro, and GPS to set up properly, or it will not Synchronize. 

2/ Give the connection and wires a half twist.. this will pull the wires in, that are near the sides of the Hatch.

3/ Tuck the wire and connection into the space in the Door/Hatch.

4/ It will still be a snug fit, but the Hatch will close now. 

 Synchronizing the QUATTRO LENS:

1/ With the Battery installed as above, the LENS's LED lights will all be on,and the blue light, will be blinking

2/ Now, turn on the power to the Radio. The Power Light will light up with a Blue LED, then the Radio will make an Audible Beep, and all the lights on the Drone will stop blinking, and remain solid.

3/ Now you must move the Left Joy Stick ( Throttle ) all the way to the top, and then back down again.


The Drone is now ready to fly. 

TIP: It is too this spot, where you have synchronized the Drone, that your LENS will return. If you push the Return Button on the Radio, make sure that there are no obstacles between this spot and your Drone when you push this Button.

Replacing Rotor Blades:

Your LENS comes equipped with a Rotor Blade Guard. It will help prevent damage to the rotor blades from light bumps into large surfaces. It will not keep out smaller obstructions, like small plants, or the dreaded bush and tree branches. At some point you will have to change a Rotor Blade.

1/ Pinch the Rotor Blade between your finger and thumb, while holding the motor pod with your other hand, and gently but firmly pinch/pull the Blade off.

2/ You must replace the Rotor Blade with an identical one. The right and left blades are pitched at an angle that is opposite of each other, so that the Drone can fly and hover. The correct one must be replaced or it won't fly, it will just flip over. They are marked with an A or B marking on the under side of the Rotor Blade.

3/ Just press the new Blade on firmly, and give it a little flick with your finger to make sure that it spins freely.


  • Insert the included microSD card into LENS as shown below. You can see that there is an impression of the correct position of the SD card right in front of the card slot.. just so you won't forget!


  • It'll latch into position when inserted fully.

  • To remove it, push the card in a bit and it'll unlatch as you release it. 
  • If you fly LENS without the microSD card inserted, a red light on the bottom of the LENS will blink to indicate the absence of the card, or that the SD card is full and needs to be re-formatted.
  • To retrieve photos and videos, remove the microSD card and insert it into the included USB adapter or an SD adapter (not included). Insert into your computer (USB or SD port) and use your file manager to copy, cut or delete photo and video files.
  • You can also use the adapter to format your microSD card. Either use your file manager's formatting functionality or download and install the official SD Association formatting tool.
 LiteHawk LENS - Post Flight
- When you have finished using your LiteHawk LENS you should first disconnect the Li-Po battery, then switch OFF the transmitter.
- If you do not plan on using the quadrocopter for more than 24 hours, it is recommended that you recharge the battery fully before putting it away.
- Remember to allow the battery to cool 10-15 minutes before recharging.