LiteHawk IMPULSE Instruction Manual English

LiteHawk IMPULSE Instruction Manual French

LiteHawk IMPULSE - Specs:


•3 Channel IR (Infrared)
•Operational range: Line of sight, 10 meters (33 feet)

Pitch (FWD / REV) trim, Yaw (Rotational/Turn) trim

•3.7 Volt 100mAh LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer) on-board battery
•USB Charger Included
•Up to 10 minutes of flight time per charge

•Body length: 8.25" 20.9cm
•Height: 3.5" 8.9cm
•Rotor Span: 6.5" 16.5cm
•Weight: approx. 2.15 oz 61g 

LiteHawk IMPULSE - How to charge

  • Charging from the Radio - Slide open the charge cable cover on the back side of the transmitter and remove the charging cable. Make sure the helicopter is switched OFF and plug the charging cable into the LiteHawk. Turn the power on the transmitter to “on”, you will notice that the LED light is red. Once the light goes out your LiteHawk is charged. NOTE: when remote is in standby, LED will be green. 
  • Charging from the USB - Plug the USB into your computer USB port. Plug the other end of the cable into your IMPULSE. The LED light on the USB will turn RED, once your heli is charged the LED light will go out.


  • Recharge the battery for at least 20 minutes if storing for more than 24 hours. Failure to do so will damage the battery pack.

LiteHawk IMPULSE - How to sync
  • Place the helicopter on a flat surface. Turn your remote controller On, then turn on your LiteHawk. Make sure the transmitter is facing the helicopter at all times. Push the throttle lever to the top and back down to sync the helicopter, you will notice the light on the controller is now green. 
  • Slowly push the throttle lever up and your LiteHawk will begin to hover. This may take a little practice. If your LiteHawk does not stay straight, adjust the trim wheel by turning it in the opposite direction that the LiteHawk is rotating.

 LiteHawk IMPULSE - How to replace tail rotor

- Just firmly lift up on the blade at the hub, while holding the motor with your other hand.
- There is an up side to the blade, the hub has a flat side and a rounded side. The rounded side is up.
- To replace just press it on to the motor spindle, not tight! Give it a flick with your finger, and if it spins free, you're good, if not hold the motor tight and pull the blade up just enough for it to spin freely.

 LiteHawk IMPULSE - How to replace rotor blades

- You'll need 2 A blades for the top rotor and 2 B blades for the bottom rotor.
- The rotor blades are identified with an A or a B right beside the blades swivel point.
- Remove the screw that holds the blade to the rotor head and pull out the old blade. 
- Insert the new blade and snug the screw down very lightly if the blade doesn't swivel freely, back the screw off a little until it swings freely.

 LiteHawk IMPULSE - Replace fly bar. Tip - if your heli is rotating, check the connector, also referred to as the fly bar!


 LiteHawk IMPULSE - How to remove the canopy

- There are 4 screws holding the body on (2 on each side), remove these.
- he body is also hooked around the IR ( infrared ) receiver. To get past the IR gently spread the back of the body to get it away from the screw posts, and tip the body forward.
- Now gently maneuver the body back a bit until it clears the IR and it will be free.
- Reverse these steps and attach the screws snuggly, over tighten them and the plastic hole will strip, nice and snug is good.

 LiteHawk IMPULSE - How to replace the Stabilizer Boom

- Have to change your stabilizer boom?
- On the IMPULSE, only one ball link is used. Pop the top part of the link from the ball on the stabilizer, and unscrew and remove the pivot screw.
- Reverse the process, snug up the screw tight, and reattach the ball link. Make sure the link is snapped on and not over the ball.

 LiteHawk IMPULSE - How to remove the upper rotor assembly and the lower gear set

- First remove the body.Then to remove the upper rotor assembly you must loosen ( you don't have to remove it ) the upper rotor screw.
- The upper rotor head will now lift off, and the lower gear set will slide out of the bottom of the chassis.
- Reassemble: slide gear set back in and mount the upper rotor head taking note where the flat spot on the gear set arm is located. The rotor head screw must tighten on this spot to hold it securely

 LiteHawk IMPULSE - How to remove the lower rotor assembly and upper gear

- At the top of the lower rotor assembly there is a black plastic keeper/spacer that has to come off.
- To do this, grasp the lower rotor assembly with one hand and holding the Impulse chassis and frame in the other, firmly pull apart. It will be very snug so be careful that you don't lose the plastic keeper/spacer when it pulls free.
- Follow the steps in reverse order to reassemble the IMPULSE. Again, make sure that you have the upper rotor screw tighten on the flat spot on the lower gear set arm.

 LiteHawk IMPULSE - ESC Wiring Diagram

 LiteHawk IMPULSE - How to remove the ESC

- To begin with, any work on the ESC will require the ability to solder. Remove the Canopy to access the battery and ESC Note that the battery is held by the LED light on the ESC and an elastic band wrapped around the battery and the ESC.
- Just move the elastic band out of the way, behind the ESC.
- Now just lift the battery out of the way, and note how two outward pressing plastic clips are holding the ESC through two square holes.
- Using a small flat screw driver, carefully press one clip in and out at the same time, then the other side comes out easily. At this point you are going to have to remember how you untwisted the ESC board and wires so that you can work on it, and re-twist them back when you are done. Taking notes is always a good thing.
- Assemble in reverse order, being careful when you clip the ESC to the chassis