Welcome to our FAQ area for LiteHawk FOCUS. Simple tips and tricks are just below - check our Overview video for even more info!

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Take to the skies like never before with LiteHawk FOCUS!
  • HD video and imaging seamlessly controlled by you
  • Ergonomic all-in-one FPV (first person view) controller with built in colour screen
  • Fully featured with included micro SD card and reader, rechargeable batteries, USB chargers...everything you need to start your adventure is included in the box (which is reusable too).
  • Fully digital stabilization
  • Wide angle fisheye lens
  • Bright LED lights

Charging your FOCUS Batteries

  • To reduce the overall cost of using your FOCUS, both the Drone and the Controller come with rechargeable batteries and USB charging cables.
  • Plug the batteries into the USB charging cables and plug the cables into a standard USB port on your computer, or a standard 5 volt USB charger.
  • The red light on the USB cable will light up when plugged into a power source.
  • When the battery is fully charge, the light will go out.  The battery takes about 90 minutes to charge.  Do not leave batteries unattended during charging.
  • Do not leave the battery charging longer than two hours, even if the light does not go out.  It may mean the charger or the battery is defective.
  • When the batteries are fully charged you can insert them into the Controller and the Drone.

    Pairing your FOCUS with the Controller

    • Open the battery door on the back of the Drone.  Insert and plug in the fully charged battery. When installing the battery into the Drone, care must be taken to insure that nothing is damaged when putting the battery into its housing. The ESC. is secured just above it and at sometime a wire may hang down from there, and pushing in a battery without first checking could cause a broken wire. Just push the wire back up out of the way first. LED lights will come on once the battery is connected.


    • Place the Drone on a level, horizontal surface.  This is very important as the Drone will not fly properly if it is not level during pairing.
    • Press the power button on the controller.
    • Move the left stick (Throttle) all the way up and all the way back down.
    • The lights on the Drone will turn solid, and your FOCUS is Paired.

      Preparing your FOCUS for Flight

      • Before you take off for the first time, it is important to calibrate your FOCUS to make sure it isn't drifting forward, backward, sideways or spinning.
      • Start by pushing the throttle forward just enough so that it doesn't take off.  If it doesn't stay in one spot and is drifting around or spinning, continue with these instructions.
      • If the Drone is drifting forward or backward, use the rocker switch to the left of the right hand joy stick to make adjustments.
      • If the Drone is drifting side to side, use the rocker switch below the right hand joystick to make adjustments.
      • If the Drone is spinning, use the rocker switch below the left hand joystick to make adjustments.
      • Make single click adjustments on the rockers and watch to see if it stops drifting or rotating.  Make all the adjustments one click at a time until movement is minimized
      • You are now ready to take off.

      Taking Photos and Movies

      • The 5 buttons under the screen from left to right, are for turning the screen off and on, turning the movie camera on and off, Taking a photograph, adjusting screen contrast and adjusting screen brightness.
      • Insert the included micro SD card into the slot on the bottom of the Drone.
      • Pair the FOCUS with the Controller, and then turn the screen on with the left button.
      • A single push of the second button from the left on the Controller will start a video recording.  You will see the video time advancing on the bottom right of the screen.  Pushing the button again will stop recording.
      • A single push of the third button from the left on the Controller will take a photograph.

       Replacing Rotor Blades


        When all the motors are working together to fly the Drone , motors 1 and 3 spin the drone counter clockwise , while motors 2 and 4 spin the drone clockwise. Altogether they counterbalance each other for stable flight.

         Individually,  motors 1 and 3 should spin clockwise with a clockwise prop, and motors 2 and 4 should spin counter clockwise with a counter clockwise prop. 
        You can tell the direction of the prop, by knowing which is the leading edge. The leading edge always turns forward. The leading edge is always the edge that is twisted upward.


      Before flight testing, we needed to ensure the motors were spinning in the correct direction and that props were attached correctly (airflow moves downwards), otherwise the quadcopter will spin out of control!

      • To remove the Rotor Blade grasp the blade with your fingers and slowly and steadily pull up on the blade.  They are very tight, but will slide up and off the motor shaft. 
      • To reinstall a new Rotor Blade, center the blade over the motor shaft and push it on.  
      • White blades and LED lights in the front with red blades and LED lights at the rear. This helps you know which is the front and which is the rear! 
      • So, You need two of the same colored blades that  are exactly opposite of each other in there pitch. If you look at them you can see the twist in the blades will each be in a different direction. So you need two opposite pitched white blades, and two opposite pitched red blades.  Put the whites on the front, as in the directions above, and when you put the reds on the back, make sure that the pitch is opposite from the white one in front of it. If the wind from them is blowing down when you run it, then you have it right. If the wind is blowing up.. then switch the blades from side to side, and the wind will be directed down.
      • Tip: You may find your rotor blades getting a little loose after removing and putting them back on during maintenance of your Drone. If they refuse to stay on.. Try a little nail polish on the motor shaft.. just a tiny drop, and careful of the motor, don't get any in it. It will act as a friction shim, that should hold the blade on, at least until you get some new ones.



        Remove and Replace Rotor Guards

        The Rotor Guards each have three pins on the bottom, and two tabs that hold them on the motor mount.  To remove them, carefully lift straight up, while spreading the two tabs slightly apart.  The guard will pop off.

        To install the Rotor Guards, position the three pins on the guard over the three holes on the motor mount, and carefully push the pins into the holes.  Press down on the two tabs at the same time.  They will spread a bit and snap into place on the motor mount.