It may be small, but CLICK is a huge deal! Easy to fly and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand - CLICK is able to easily capture video at 30fps (frames per second), that's broadcast standard! Thanks to adjustable flight modes, you can easily hover indoors for the perfect shot, or head outdoors and zip around the yard. Unique clam shell design protects motors and electronic assemblies.

  • 4 channel 2.4 Ghz
  • Capture video and still images
  • Micro SD card and USB reader included.
  • Rechargeable onboard battery
  • USB charger included
  • Adjustable flight modes
  • Micro size
  • Bright LED lights so you can fly at night

 ROTOR BLADES need to be cared for for optimal flight!

  • Light contact with walls or foreign objects will curl the tips of your rotor blades up.. you should try and avoid this.
  • Heavy contact with walls or foreign objects may break your blades or possibly damage your motor! Try to turn your power right off, if you know that you are going to crash.. this may save you from damaging your drone!
  • Hair or Dust balls are easy to pick up into the rotors.. usually they are very apparent and will quickly stop your ability to fly.. but sometimes they can hide under the hub of the blade and not be seen! If a motor seems slow and not right you should remove the blade to check for debris!



  • Grasp the Blade firmly between the thumb and finger with one hand, right at the hub of the blade, while holding the drone firmly with the other. Pull! It will come off. To replace, just press back on firmly. Give it a quick flick with your finger to make sure that it spins freely!


  • If you have to replace a rotor blade with a new one.. or you have to remove more that one at a time! Be aware that the blades are all different and the the exact one has to replace it. The blades have opposing pitches.. if you look at them you can see that the pitch angle of the two front blades is opposite of each other.. same with the back blades as well. The right blade has to be put back onto the right motor.. or it won't fly! To help with this, there is a letter stamped onto the top of the blade.. so that you can match it correctly! There is also a matching letter stamped into the body of the drone, right by the motor, so that you can't forget!


  • Turn on the Click and set it down on a level flat surface within 5 seconds from turning it on. All of its lights will be blinking.

  • Turn on the Radio and its power light will be blinking as well. 

  • Wait for the Radio to make a Beep, when it does, you will see the lights on the drone stop blinking, but the light on the Radio will continue to blink until you move the left Throttle stick all the way up and then all the way down again. You will now hear the second Beep from the Radio, the Radio light will become solid, and you should now be bound.


  • If you should Synchronize your drone without the SD card in it.. the little light on top of the drone will blink along and light up to signify that it is not functioning .. because it is full or not there.


You can use your computer, TV, or USB charger (shown below, not included) to charge CLICK. Don't use anything with a higher output than 5V 1A (1000mA).

  • Let your battery cool off for 10 minutes after a flight, before you charge it. Charging a hot battery can damage a Li-Po battery
  • Just insert the included USB charging plug into the USB port. The USB plug will light up red.



  • Insert the other end of the charging cable into CLICK. The connector only goes in one way. There is a small black protrusion on the underside of the plug (not shown) that faces down and seats solidly into the socket when inserted correctly.

How to insert the charging plug correctly

  • While the battery is being charged, the red light will go out. When it's done charging, the light will come back on. It's that easy!
  •  Charging times vary but can be as high as 30 minutes depending on the state of the battery's charge and output of the charging power source.
  •  When storing click for more than a day, fully charge CLICK to preserve the condition and fitness of the battery.


  • Insert the included microSD card into CLICK as shown below. It'll latch into position when inserted fully. To remove it, push the card in a bit and it'll unlatch as you release it.

  • If you fly CLICK without the microSD card inserted, a red light on CLICK will blink quickly to indicate the absence of the card.
  • To retrieve photos and videos, remove the microSD card and insert it into the included USB adapter or an SD adapter (not included). Insert into your computer (USB or SD port) and use your file manager to copy, cut or delete photo and video files.

  • You can also use the adapter to format your microSD card. Either use your file manager's formatting functionality or download and install the official SD Association formatting tool.