Welcome to our FAQ area for LiteHawk BIG TOM. Tips and tricks, along with step by step User Guides are right here. Check our Overview video for even more info!




Meet the BIG TOM!  

The big brother to the LIL' TOM has arrived! - drawing inspiration from the mini off-roader, BIG TOM scales everything up to the next level. Gigantic wheels, shocks, and suspension travel are the name of the game with the BIG TOM! Like the LIL' TOM and ACE, the BIG TOM sports a muscular exterior roll cage that adds protection and light weight rigidity. Front mounted LED lights illuminate any terrain the BIG TOM is going over - and trust us, this thing can go over almost anything! 


LiteHawk BIG TOM Features:

  • Twin Motors-With an engine located in both the front and rear transmission casings, the Big Tom delivers power to all wheels consistently. Having the engines located lower improves the center of gravity and removes the need for drive shafts. In effect, Big Tom can have an even greater suspension travel!
  • Upgraded suspension travel
  • Oversize shocks-Big Tom brings the largest shocks ever put on a LiteHawk vehicle. Front and rear 4-link suspension allows for an incredible range of motion that enables the Big Tom to tackle a wide variety of obstacles.
  • Exposed Roll Cage design
  • Oversize off-road tires
  • LED light bar

 LiteHawk R/C Car and Truck Terms 101

Transmitter: The hand-held radio unit that sends throttle and steering inputs to your model. Also known as the radio or controller.
Servo: Small motor unit in your model that operates the steering mechanism.
ESC: The Electronic Speed Control provides digital proportional throttle control to the model’s motor based upon your throttle input on the radio.

  Battery:The BIG TOM comes with a NimH battery and Charger

The rechargeable battery provides the power to propel your model at high speeds. You should expect 7-10 min run time. Extra batteries are available at 
- Once the model starts to slow, drive your model to a safe place, walk over and turn it off. 
- Never dead short a NIMH battery (never touch positive and negative together)!
- You Must FULLY charge the battery before using your new model.
- Do not leave the battery plugged into the model when it is not being used.
- Keep the battery dry at all times.


 NIMH Battery and Charger Instructions:
Your New LiteHawk comes with a rechargeable NIMH battery. This battery powers the vehicle.
Please read the following information before using your new LiteHawk. Always have your model turned off when not in use.

STEP 1: Plug the USB into your computer, TV, or USB charger. The red LED light on the USB will be on.


STEP 2: Connect the battery to the USB charger. The red LED light will start blinking to indicate charging.


STEP 3: When the LED indicator light on the charger turns off, the battery is fully charged. Charge times are ( 180-240 minutes ) do not leave on charge over night. Battery should be unplugged from the charger after a maximum of 5 hours. 


STEP 4: Unplug the battery from the charger.

STEP 5: Install battery into your vehicle.

During charging:
- It is normal for the battery to get warm during the charging process. Do not charge the battery on a surface that is flammable or can be damaged by heat. 
- Do not leave the battery and charger unattended while charging.
- Do not store the battery plugged into the charger

Installation of battery into the BIG TOM:
Place your BIG TOM on a clean flat surface. Avoid areas where small parts may be lost. 

The Battery compartment is located in the Lower Chassis under the vehicle.  Loosen the screw holding the battery cover in place, and remove the cover.


Make sure that the start switch is turned off, connect the battery to the vehicle, don't force it, it only goes on one way!  Now lay the connector down in the space provided under the battery.


Now you can place the battery on top, and  now re-secure the battery cover back in place. 



LiteHawk BIG TOM Syncronization:

With your Battery all hooked up and the switch off, turn on the Radio. The Red power light should start blinking on the Radio.


Now turn on the Switch at the Battery Cradle for the BIG TOM and its head lights will come on, and the Red light on the Radio will stop Blinking and turn a solid Red.


The vehicle is now syncronized .. you can check by turning the steering to see if the wheels respond.  Now you are ready to go play!!


LiteHawk BIG TOM Wheel Removal:

The Front and the Rear Wheel removal is the same. Remove the screw that secures the wheel to the axles on the front or rear drive assemblies, and lift off.



LiteHawk BIG TOM Shock Removal:

Front and Rear Shock Removal is the same. The Front or Rear Wheel has to be removed first. Remove the upper and lower mounting screws and lift out.



 LiteHawk BIG TOM Body Removal:

To be able to access the BIG TOM's ESC/Receiver, and unplug the front or rear assemblies, or the steering servo, you must remove the BIG TOM Body. There are 20 screws securing the body to the Chassis. Start with the 4 screws on the Bonnet or Hood of the truck.


Now you can remove the 4 screws that are underneath the Bonnet, leave the two screws holding the small headlights.


Now remove the 2 screws from the Rear of the BIG TOM Upper Chassis.


Next, remove the 4 screws from the lower chassis, and remove the Battery Cradle Door and set it aside.


Now remove the 2 screws from inside the Battery Compartment.


Last, you can remove the 4 screws holding the body panels at the rear of the BIG TOM, and lift the Body aside. 


You can now access individual electronic components that can be unplugged and then removed. 

 LiteHawk BIG TOM Steering Servo Removal:

There are 5 screws and an electronic plug in at the ESC that have to be removed. Start with unplugging the Servo wiring from the ESC. Please don't pull on the wires, they can break. Loosen the connection with a small straight edge screw driver then lift out.


Remove the 2 screws from the front of the Steering Servo, and the 2 screws at the back of the Steering Servo. You can access these 2 screws right through the upper chassis frame work. With the Servo loose, lift it up a bit and remove the screw holding the steering link arm to the steering Horn ( the white piece ) 


Now you can lift the Servo out of the way. 


Reverse this procedure to reinstall!

 LiteHawk BIG TOM Front Drive/Steering Assembly Removal: 

First, remove the Body, Front Wheels, and Shocks as described above. If you are replacing the Front Assembly, you can remove the Steering Servo before or after removing the Front Assembly. Start with unplugging the Motor Wire Connection from the ESC.


There are 4  Front Suspension arms held on by a large shoulder screw in each. Unscrew from the Sides of the BIG TOM, they are the same on both sides, and need to be removed.


You can now set aside your Front Assembly


 LiteHawk BIG TOM Rear Drive Assembly Removal:

First, remove the Body, Front Wheels, and Shocks as described above.  Start with unplugging the Motor Wire Connection from the ESC.


There are 4  Rear Suspension arms held on by a large shoulder screw in each. Unscrew from the Sides of the BIG TOM, they are the same on both sides, and need to be removed.


You can now set aside your Rear Assembly.


 LiteHawk BIG TOM ESC/Receiver:

The ESC is held in position by one screw. It does need soldering on two points. The Black battery wire needs to be soldered to the board, and the red start switch wire comes attached to the ESC but needs to be soldered to the Start switch. Antenna wire is attached and there are plug ins for all other electrical components.