Removing Steering Linkage

- Follow the instructions to Remove and Replace The Baja Gear Case Cover.. only up to removing the upper chassis. Don't remove the small screw holding the Gear Case Cover on. With the upper chassis set aside you can take one of the screws and replace it into the Gear Case Spacer, just to hold it on.. don't screw the screw down tight leave it very loose.
- Now you can take a pair of needle nose plyers and remove the Steering and upper links from the 3 ball heads, that connect the steering servo to the wheels. Removing the wheels first will help.

- Now you can lift off the Steering Linkage.. carefully leaving the Steering Pivot Pins in place.

- If you are replacing the Linkage with a new one... remove the hardware and place on the new Linkage
- nstall Linkage by reversing the procedure carefully