• 285-429056 B-Chassis Electronic Speed Control

  • $14.00


For use with LiteHawk ACE 4x4:

This is a NimH system Electronic Speed control. 

Electronic Speed Control

     The ESC is Located on the Upper chassis pad. Take note, or a picture of how the antenna and start switch wires are located, and held in place with a bit of hot melt gun glue. The start switch is secured in place with two small screws, that will have to be removed as well. Carefully remove the 5 wire servo plug, and disconnect the two motor wires. The ESC is secured in place with double sided tape.  Just slip a thin knife blade (butter knife is good) and carefully start twisting and levering until the glue lets go, and the ESC comes free. You can now lift it out of the way. 


If you are removing your ESC to get at something and you are putting it back. You will need to clean off the old tape from the Upper chassis and the bottom of the ESC, and replace it with new shelving or automotive, double sided tape.