• 285-427025 M Chassis - Radio

  • $23.00


This Part can be used on MONSTER MT 4x4 and Rush 4x4.


  • 2.4 GHz Radio System
  • Requires Two "AA" Batteries 

 With the batteries installed, Your LiteHawk MONSTER 4X4 is ready to use- however you must follow these steps carefully:

  1. Switch on the transmitter. A red LED light will begin blinking rapidly!
  2. Turn the MONSTER 4X4 power switch on. The LED light on the truck will be solid Red and the Transmitter will stop blinking and go solid red. You are all ready to go!


Tip: Turn on the transmitter before turning on the truck - the LED power indicator light will flash rapidly, this means that it is searching for a signal to bind to. When you see this rapid blinking begin to slow down, it is an indicator that means that you should replace the batteries in the transmitter, as they are wearing down.